EHOME Brings Chinese Dota Legend, Xiao8 to the Main Coach Bench

This time EHOME the arrival of a coach who is no stranger to the competitive realm Dota 2. Legendary figure Dota 2 from the land of bamboo curtains, Zhang “Xiao8” Ning returned to the professional scene with the status of a coach.

The arrival of this figure was able to attract the attention of many parties, especially in the competitive realm Dota 2 China.

Besides bringing Xiao8, EHOME also made substitutions by bringing in Hu “Guvara” Sen to replace Xu “Hym” Zhi in the Offlane position.

With this replacement they have to compete through the qualification process if they want to participate in the grand event The International 8.

System rooster lock indeed had been criticized by several parties, such as the coach from OG, Sébastien “7Mad” Debs and CEO of Digital Chaos, Greg “WhatIsHip” Laird after not being able to show consistent results.

OG is also a team that has to give up the path direct invite at The International 8 and competed through the qualifying route after discharge Resolut1on of the array rooster.

EHOME does not yet have a statement specifically regarding the rooster lock regulation. However, Xiao8’s arrival seemed to bring new hope to the finalists of The International 1.

Xiao8 himself started his journey in Dota’s competitive realm in 2010 and quickly gained recognition as a star.

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This recognition was not without reason, Xiao8 and his friends were able to win a grand event Dota 2 through the event The International 4 (2014) when strengthening Newbee. Men by nicknames ‘The Director 8‘has officially retired from the competitive realm Dota 2 since January 2017.

ehome xiao8
Xiao8 joins EHOME on the coaching bench. Source: EHOME Twitter

Xiao8 had a chance to strengthen LGD.Forever Young in his last years playing in the competitive realm Dota 2, then took part in Newbee.Boss and play on Big God which contains former stars Dota 2 origin China.

Unlike Xiao8 who is rich in experience, Hu “Guvara” Sen can be said to be new to the competitive realm Dota 2.

The player who will fill the Offlane position just started his professional career in mid-2016 with the academy team from EHOME, namely EHOME.Luminous.

Before joining the EHOME core squad, Guvara also had time to strengthen the EHOME.Immortal team. The team is strengthened for 4 months before becoming a subs for the team Eclipse, VG Potential and return to playing under the EHOME.Immortal banner.

Following roster Dota 2 latest on the EHOME team:

  • Chen “Cty” Tianyu
  • Wang “Old chicken” Zhiyong
  • Hu “Guvara” Sen
  • Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida
  • Zhang “Y` Liping
  • Zhang “Xiao8” Ning – Coach
The composition of the EHOME team’s Dota 2 roster. Source: EHOME Twitter

EHOME itself is barely audible in the competitive realm Dota 2 on this season regardless of rooster the stars they have. Call it the former champion of The International 6, Faith_bian and the veteran Dota 2, old chicken on the team lineup.

The team only appeared in a series of Dota Pro Circuit events at the 2018 MDL Macau where they had to be eliminated first in the group stage. Even though they are active in qualifying events, EHOME has not been able to even qualify for the title main event major or minor.

Edited by Jabez Elijah