EHOME was given a Direct Invite slot to MDL Macau

Previously, in the 5th minor event at the Dota Pro Circuit, MDL Macau, there would only be 8 teams participating in the event. But suddenly, Mars Media announced that there would be 9 teams that would later fight in Macau, and that 1 additional team turned out to be EHOME.

MDL Macau Qualifier
Dota2 Professional League Season 4 – Image Courtesy: Mars Media

They decided to do this because EHOME was not allowed to participate in the qualifying rounds hosted by third parties (Dota2 Professional League). After Mars Media negotiated many times with Valve, they finally decided to give EHOME a Direct Invite slot.

EHOME MDL Macau Roster
Image Courtesy:

Besides that, we can see again one of the players from EHOME who had become a stand-in for Team Secret for the Perfect World Masters event – Cty! Even though he is in a team that doesn’t speak Mandarin at all, Cty’s performance is still stable and arguably very good. So, who knows he can do the same thing in his home team, EHOME, at the MDL Macau event.

EHOME itself is one of the teams that has been in the competitive arena for a long time and indeed there have been several cases between the EHOME and ACE organizations.

EHOME Signing Players
EHOME.y` & EHOME.Faith_bian

For example, after 2 former players Wings Gaming, Faith_bian and y`, joining EHOME, they were immediately banned and not allowed to participate in tournaments under ACE. (Also read: EHOME is banned from the Chinese Esports Association, ACE)

With this, the 9 teams that will participate in MDL Macau 2017 are:

MDL Macau will start on 8-10 December 2017, with a prize pool of $ 300,000 and more importantly, 300 Qualifying Points. Oh yes, they will also make this event open to the public on the last day at the Macau University Music Hall.

MDL Macau Guest Star
Guest Star MDL Macau – Image Courtesy: Mars Media

Some of the invited guests include: Gosh, Mario Ho Yau Kwan, BurNIng and rOtk. How exciting will MDL Macau be? We will see later!

Edited by Jabez Elijah