El Classico! EVOS Legends faces RRQ in the 2019 M1 World Championship Semifinals

The implementation of the biggest Mobile Legends tournament: Bang Bang this year, the M1 World Championship has come to a round playoffs, EVOS Legends and RRQ which is a representative from Indonesia has again succeeded in showing its dominance.

Taking place at the Axiata Arena, Malaysia, the show playoffs M1 World Championship officially opened this morning by scheduling matches from 8 teams that previously managed to become the top or runner-up from each group.

2 Indonesian representatives in this event, namely RRQ and EVOS Legends who both managed to qualify as group winners, managed to return to appear violent by being able to tear their opponents apart.

Starting from the opening match that brought RRQ together with the home team TODAK, RRQ who returned to play Lemon immediately stepped on the gas by being able to shave the TODAK bald with a final score of 2-0.

It doesn’t just stop there, EVOS Legends have also achieved good results, which are challenged by Burmese Ghouls, the team that previously won the MPL Myanmar tournament.

Despite facing opponents who both recently won the MPL tournament, Oura and friends were able to play very nicely and didn’t even give a breath for Burmese Ghouls to show his game and ended the match with a score of 2-0 for EVOS Legends.

By winning a landslide victory, this made RRQ and EVOS Legends have to nudge each other in the party el clasico semifinal upper bracket The M1 World Championship is scheduled for tomorrow in best of five.

Whoever will appear better will advance to the grand finals, while the losing team will have to move down to the lower bracket to meet the teams who are also fighting for the last 1 seat to the semifinals.

How do you think Revival’s friend with the struggle of the duo RRQ EVOS Legends in the 2019 M1 World Championship? And in El Clasico, which will be presented tomorrow, who will Revival’s friends support? RRQ or EVOS Legends?