ELEAGUE MAJOR – ELEAGUE Highlights Playoffs until Semifinals. C9 and FaZe Ready to Fight in the Final!

On January 27, 2018, ELEAGUE Major Boston as the 12th official Valve Major has entered the round quarterfinal. Let’s review what has happened since the start of the ELEAGUE Playoff.

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The Major this time was quite a surprise, such as the entry of the QB.Fire team to the top 8, or Virtus.pro who had to be eliminated in last place.

Faze vs mousesports

Starting from the round playoffs, FaZe can overthrow mousesports with a score of 2-0. FaZe was frustrated because they almost lost at folder choice of mousesports, Nuke. But a blessing clutch from NiKo, FaZe goes to overtime and won folder the.

NaVi vs Quantum BF

After the FaZe victory, the majors continued to bring together “CIS Derby”, namely Natus Vincere and Quantum Bellator Fire. With his experience, NaVi won the match quite easily, with scores of 16-4 and 16-7.

This result is not surprising as QB.Fire are the underdogs, and have to face NaVi live aka LAN.

G2 vs Cloud 9

In the third match, the hosts of the ELEAGUE Major Boston, Cloud9 face off against Frech Superteam, namely G2 Esports. C9 can overthrow G2 with a fairly easy score, namely 16-8 and 16-7.

Even though G2 Esports scored 6 Win 0 Lose in the major this time, they had to admit defeat against C9. Cloud9 itself apart from being stable, they get advantage as the host, the cheers for Cloud9.

After 3 matches finished, the first day of ELEAGUE playoffs finished.

SK Gaming vs fnatic

The next match brings together 2 teams that have lifted the trophy CS: GO Major, namely SK Gaming and fnatic. Unfortunately, SK Gaming had to come up with 1 standin, that is, his old felps player. Even though SK was unable to carry boltz, SK’s match against fnatic was very tense and not one sided.

Fnatic closed the first match with 2 times overtime, namely 22-19. The match was quite intense with several highlights from SK and fnatic players. Mind game battle between FalleN and Golden doesn’t stop there. Folder The overpass was again a tiring match venue for both sides and finally ended with a full 30 round match, which was won by SK Gaming.

Continued with the third map, though first half closed with a score of 7-8, fnatic was unable to reply to SK on the CT side. Finally match third closed on the victory of SK Gaming with a score of 16-12, which means that SK will advance to semi-finals.

FaZe vs NaVi

The semifinal match was continued on the same day, aka after the SK fnatic match. The next match brings GuardiaN with his former team, Natus Vincere, against FaZe. This match is easy enough for FaZe. FaZe strolled forward with a score of 16-9 and 16-7. FaZe has also been guaranteed to play in the Grand Final of ELEAGUE Major Boston.

Cloud9 vs SK Gaming

The match that the ELEAGUE Major audience had been waiting for has finally arrived. The home team, Cloud9 faced off against coldzera et al. In the first map, C9 will face SK in the million people map, Mirage.

C9 managed to dominate throughout the map, and closed the first map with a score of 16-3. Even so, in the second map, Cobblestone, SK Gaming can dominate the map in second half, and finally SK closed the second map with a score of 16-8.

The last map will determine who will face FaZe on Grand Final. SK and C9 play on folder Inferno. On first half, Cloud9 dominated SK Gaming on the CT side, with a score of 12-3. Even though SK had shown their resistance, Cloud9 was able to close the match, 16-9.

Thus, Cloud9 will come face to face with FaZe Clan on Grand Final, to be held on the 28th, at 2.00pm Western Indonesian Time. Can FaZe end up winning the majors, or will Cloud9 repeat history? Both teams are entering the grand final this time they both came from the Challengers Stage, which means they have passed a lot of matches.

This is also the first time in history, FaZe Clan entered the grand finals, as well as Cloud9 who first set foot on the grand final.

Can Tarik et al win the Major in their own home?

So, who will you support? #VAMOSSK or # LETSGOC9?

Edited by Jabez Elijah