ELITE8 Esports End Cooperation with Telkomsel and True Digital Plus!

Last Thursday (11/1), ELITE8 Esports officially announced the end of its cooperation with one of the largest State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel.

Apart from Telkomsel, publisher games from Thailand, True Digital Plus also terminated its partnership with ELITE8.

Source: ELITE8 Esports

This news came through ELITE8’s official social media. “As of today we are no longer working with Telkomsel,” explained E8 on his Facebook page.

Telkomsel officially sponsors E8 since early September 2017. Event press conference Telkomsel and ELITE8 were also attended by the General Manager of SEMC as developer of the game Vainglory.

elite8 esports telkomsel
Telkomsel has sponsored ELITE8 from September 2017 to November 2018. Source: DuniaGames.

Telkomsel has indeed entered the realm of Indonesian esports for a long time, one of which is by presenting it Indonesia Games Championship.

Telkomsel’s annual event for Indonesian esports people. However, the collaboration with E8 is the first time that Telkomsel supports an esports entity

Apart from Telkomsel, the company publisher games from Thailand, True Digital Plus also left the row of companies that sponsored the esports team with the 8 logo. TDP is recorded to have started sponsoring E8 since 2017.

Source: ELITE8 Esports

For those unfamiliar with TDP, they are publisher from famous game titles, you name it Special Force 2, Echo of Soul, and Point Blank Mobile. TDP is also aggressively expanding the esports market in its homeland, Thailand.

TDP itself proves its seriousness in Indonesia by establishing branches in this country. It is proven by registering the name of PT. True Digital Plus Indonesia

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Despite losing 2 important sponsors, E8 has recently been intensively expanding its esports division line. One of them is division CS: GO which was just introduced on Monday (29/10).

ELITE8 is currently still being sponsored by the Good Day beverage company. Source: E8 FB.

Apart from divisions CS: GO, they also plan to venture out Dota 2 as their next newest division.

“We are speeding up the preparation for the division Dota 2, “Said OfficialHein on another occasion when interviewed by RevivalTV about the division CS: GO.


With the release of 2 important sponsors from ELITE8, let’s hope E8 can get even better sponsors so that E8 can develop further as their division grows.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda