ENDEAVOUR389 Must Recognize the Excellence of PBWC Signature in the 2017 PBWC Semifinals

Hello Troopers Revival!

The 2nd day of PBWC 2017 has started, the 4 best teams have been confirmed to advance to Semifinal has also completed match they.

ENDEAVOR389 who got rationed playing on Semifinal 2nd fight Signature.PB with the map as follows:

In first half from folder first ENDEAVOR389 very impressive play and able to win with score 5-3 neither did they waste the opportunity at second half and straight away winning 4-0 and winning straight away aggregate 9-3 above Signature.PB

In folder second Jack several times showing greatness AWP hers, however RealityJESUS^ seems like he doesn’t want to lose just like that and change to use AUG proven Signature.PB winning 5-3, continues to second half there was a chase score between the two teams, but unfortunately some fatal mistakes were made by ENDEAVOR389 and make Signature.PB win with score 9-7 and force ENDEAVOR389 play on folder third

In folder third Signature.PB very impressive play proved at the time first half they are able to win with score 5-3 through their alternating play strategies. After change-side ENDEAVOR389 did not want to lose just like that, it was proven that they were able to reduce the difference score to be 6-5 however Signature.PB able to decide on dreams ENDEAVOR389 this time.

Meanwhile in Semifinal previously, the home team zNation able to win 2-0 straight over ICE e-Sports Club through several comeback outstanding

Therefore ENDEAVOR389 will fight ICE e-Sports Club in the race for the 3rd place

While at the party Final there is zNation versus Signature.PB

You can still watch the match here: