Enlivening CRL Competitiveness, Team Liquid Officially Forms Clash Royale Division!

The competitive mobile esports match has again been enlivened with new games, since its arrival Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. However, the older games were of sorts Clash Royale as if not wanting to be left behind.

This time Team Liquid participated in enlivening the competitive arena of mobile esports by forming divisions Clash Royale. It seems, Clash Royale League able to attract esports organizations like Liquid to join games made Supercell the.


The organization bearing the horse logo announced a new division at once. Division player Clash Royale Team Liquid has been formed with the composition of several players such as, Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oksam, Jarod “Azilys” Quesada, and Thomas “Ace” Jablonski.

Clash Royale itself is games strategy type, using a card format, but through 3D animation with its own characteristics.

Game this was also able to make the name Supercell grow after games previous, Clash of Clans which is quite global in the mobile circle gamers; although Supercell does not provide a competitive esports arena for games the.

Goblins and Azilys who joined Team Liquid. Source: Team Liquid Website

After being announced via the official Team Liquid website, Azilys, Ace and Surgical Goblin will represent the newly formed tournament by Supercell, with the title Clash Royale League (CRL). They will play under the Team Liquid banner at the event.

The players themselves like Ace are young talents in this esports field. Meanwhile, Surgical Goblin and Azilys are veteran players who have won several championships in scene esports this game.

Azilys, Ace and Surgical Goblin. Source: Team Liquid Website

Surgical Goblin is a figure that is well known among the fans games Clash Royale. Famous for its YouTube channel, Surgical Goblin itself has won several tournaments Clash Royale as:

  • Crown Championship Global Series Spring 2017
  • Gamescom Esports World Convention 2017
  • Esports World Convention Paris Games Week 2017
  • Esports World Convention Winter 2017
  • Gamepolis
  • Gamergy Masters 2

Team Liquid even gave the nickname “The Final Boss“To the player from the windmill country for his extraordinary achievement.

Surgical Goblin when winning the Esports World Convention Gamescom 2017. Source: Surgical Goblin Website

While, Azilys himself is a young French player who is one of the strongest candidates on the European continent. Gold Medal on DreamHack Tours 2017 and Monaco eSports Master, able to give a frightening impression to these players.

Team Liquid’s third player from the division Clash Royale is a 16 year old male figure. Ace may not be widely known in the arena Clash Royale due to several regulations regarding age restrictions for participating in the tournament.

However, now that he is 16 years old, this player is able to actively compete.

Azilys when winning the DreamHack Tour 2017 tournament. Source: Azilys Twitter

This team will make their debut at the Super Magical Cup at SXSW. In addition, the Clash Royale League title has a total prizepol amounting to US $ 150,000 will be Team Liquid’s next target.

Edited by Jabez Elijah