Enlivening the Hype of DOTA 2 Asia Championship, PGL Create Their Own Trailer

Whether it is acknowledged or not, PGL’s success in hosting several e-Sports tournaments has made them ogled many parties to continue to carry out their responsibilities. One of them is the DAC or DOTA 2 Asia Championships, which will be held in a few days.

If a few days ago, DAC launched their own trailer which many people admit was so cool, PGL doesn’t want to be outdone either. They even make it with a neat and structured concept. And you can watch the video below.

Even though it’s only 44 seconds, you can feel how natural PGL made this trailer. Like how messy they are, then with concepts like Mannequin Challange, and broken keyboards like insinuating last year’s Shanghai Major where Ramzes666’s keyboard was lost by the staff on duty. Incidentally, last year the Shanghai Major was held by Perfect World.

In your opinion, DAC 2017 is held in the right hand, remembering that PGL will take care of this tournament?