Epic Games Finally Officially Announces the 2019 Fortnite World Cup!

Finally, after waiting for certainty about Fortnite esports, Epic Games officially announced the first massive esports event titled Fortnite World Cup 2019. Epic Games announced this at the ProAm event at E3 2018.

Previously, in May 2018, Epic Games had indeed said that they had provided US $ 100 million for the Fortnite esports event in its first year. Meanwhile, Tencent was also previously rumored to be ready to pour sacks of money to develop Fortnite esports on Chinese soil.

Because of its popularity, it is predicted that Fortnite will plunge into esports. Many large organizations such as Team Solomid, FaZe, or Envy have announced their Fortnite divisions.

Previously, Fortnite matches were seen in community events such as at DreamHack Summer 2017 or Ninja Vegas. However, previously there was no clear tournament structure or official tournament for Fortnite like its competitors, PUBG.

At this Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games ensures that everyone has the right to participate in qualifying matches because this event will not use a franchise system or provide invitations to esports organizations.

Epic Games also does not allow third parties holding the Fortnite esports event to use a similar system.

There is no further clarity on the qualification date but this tournament will focus more on solo or duo play.

This game itself was reportedly developed for 7 years but it was only released in April 2017. Even though there is no competitive arena yet, Fortnite has immediately pushed its way to the top of the most-watched game on Twitch. One of the streamers who arguably succeeded in popularizing Fortnite is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Of course, the certainty that Fortnite enters esports deserves to be appreciated and awaited for its actions. However, if we talk about Indonesia, PUBG, which is clearly more popular here, is arguably less crowded with the esports event.

So far, if we remember correctly, only one PUBG tournament is face-to-face and on a national scale, namely Garuda Cup 2018. Will Epic Games and its partners succeed in popularizing their esports in Indonesia? We’ll just wait.