Era Announces Roster of New Team: The Final Tribe

If you guys know Fnatic, Europe must be familiar with Era. Yup, he was one of the players on the team, after moving here and there and entering Ninja in Pajamas twice, but unfortunately the roster was disbanded again because the organization decided to focus more on their core game.


Era again got the opportunity to continue his pro career through an offer from Alliance, returning to join some of his comrades in NiP, making Alliance’s performance quite increase, but unfortunately they have not reached the target they wanted. In the end, Alliance returned to doing a massive shuffle, there is no information regarding the complete roster, but for the moment only Loda can be confirmed back into the Alliance team.


But Era hasn’t given up, recently he announced his newest team roster, namely The Final Tribe, still together with 2 friends, namely Jonassomfan and Handsken accompanied by 2 other players, namely Haxxeren and LezzQQ.

There is no news yet about when their first match will start, but there is one unique thing, namely, Haxxeren is a legendary player from the game HoN (Heroes of Newerth) who finally started to compete again but in a different game, namely Dota 2. Goodluck for The Final Tribe (y )