ESL Collaborates With Vainglory To Advance Mobile Esports

You fans of esports shows, you know ESL, the largest and oldest esports company in the world that always presents high-quality and satisfying esports shows, for example ESL One or ESL Extreme Challenges. Yes, they have just collaborated with Super Evil Megacorp as the developer of the game Vainglory to broadcast the highest league called Vainglory. Vainglory8. This collaboration is expected to be able to bring Vainglory broadcasts to more audiences around the world, and Vainglory hopes to provide an example of mobile game broadcasts with competitive competition. intense and cool broadcast productions.

“We are very excited to be working with Super Evil Megacorp, working side by side on mobile esports,” said Sean Charles, ESL’s Vice President of Publishing and Developer Relations. “Vainglory has inspired the mobile gaming industry with their real and sustainable esports ecosystem, and we are excited to take mobile esports to the top together with Super Evil Megacorp.”

The Vainglory event that was held by ESL before.

“We are very excited to give our community even more reasons why they must celebrate this upcoming summer, starting from new heroes, new skins, and new partnerships with ESL,” said Bo Daly, co-founder and President of Super. Evil Megacorp.

‚ÄúPartnering with ESL with the aim of bringing Vainglory8 broadcasts to a wider audience and broadcast venue; because we are striving hard to give the best to players and fans, and also to maintain our position as a leading mobile esports player, we want to collaborate with the best companies in terms of production of esports shows, and for us that is ESL. ” Add Daly.

The semifinal match moment between Cloud9 and TSM in the Vainglory Unified Spring Championship 2017.

Vainglory8 Summer season 2017 is perhaps the most anticipated season, with many top teams from Europe (EU) and North America (NA), for example the Unified Western Champions, Cloud9 and Team Solomid from NA, as well as the G2 esports runner-up. and Fnatic from the EU.

Vainglory8 Summer season 2017 for NA and EU will start this weekend June 24-25. Vainglory enthusiasts can watch pro players and professional teams in action on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.