Esports athletes also need good physical conditions

2018 Asian Games which was held in Jakarta-Palembang on 18 August-2 September 2018 still leaves a little story. This time, the 2018 Asian Games esports athletes are the main focus of this article.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports provides certificates to Indonesian esports athletes. Source: IESPA

Maybe you still remember the euphoria of sports athletes from Indonesia who received fantastic bonuses for their achievements. In addition, the athletes who did not get a medal were also given a bonus of Rp. 20 million by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

However, the 2018 Asian Games, which presented exhibition matches in the esports branch, did not go unnoticed. The reason is, Indonesian esports athletes get their turn for appreciation from the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Precisely on September 6 2018, the esports athletes received a special appreciation by Imam Nahrawi, the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports. Commission X DPR-RI also pays special attention to esports athletes.

Imam Nahrawi and esports athletes. Source: IESPA

The players who are involved in the game Arena of Valor, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and others received a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In addition, they were also awarded a number of bonuses for all competing athletes.

esports asian games athletes
The ranks of the Indonesian Esports National Team players and staff at the 2018 Asian Games when they won an award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Source: IESPA

The 2018 Asian Games silver medalist in the Hearthstone esports branch, Hendry “Jothree” Handisurya provided the excitement of visiting esports athletes at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. “Initially, the Menpora advised us to maintain the achievements that we have achieved at the Asian Games this time.”

Jothree gets a bonus and a charter. Documentation: Jothree

Imam Nahrawi also said, “I believe that esports does not only require quick thinking, but also good physical endurance. Maintain and improve physical, mental and mental condition. So that esports athletes can continue to excel in the future. ” Said the Kemenpora.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports provides certificates to Indonesian esports athletes. Source: IESPA

Indeed, the exhibition event this time will have a big influence on the official participation of esports matches at the Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022. Then, Jothree who won the silver medal also said about the results at the second largest sports event in the world.

The Indonesian LoL National Team at the 2018 Asian Games. Source: Hasagi

“Actually, it’s a bit sad every time you get saved, because it’s from the beginning of the branch Hearthstone the target is gold. But yes, everyone is still enthusiastic and grateful. ” Regarding the bonus amount, Jothree also said, “Don’t know me yet, because I have to activate the BRI account first.

Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. Source: Asian Games

So we don’t know how many there are, maybe on Monday we can get the exact number. ” Said the player Hearthstone origin of the TEAMnxl>. Indonesian esports athletes are also something to be proud of, especially since BenZeRidel has successfully won a gold medal in the event Clash Royale.

BenZeRidel on the podium with a gold medal. Source: IESPA

Representing Indonesian esports athletes at the 2018 Asian Games, Jothree also expressed his pride in representing Indonesia directly. “Very proud, very happy, competitions that carry an Indonesian name and not a personal name are always different.

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Appearing to carry the name of Indonesia as if there is an additional burden and spirit ha ha. What is certain is that the Kemenpora highly appreciates the struggles of Indonesian esports athletes. Winning or not is still not in vain.

Imam Nahrawi and esports athletes. Source: IESPA

There are results and it is fully appreciated by the government, ”concluded Jothree regarding the taste of representing the Indonesian flag. We also appreciate this result. The reason is, of the 6 existing esports branches, Indonesia was able to get 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal.

The progress of the times did not close platform games as a medium for achievement. Hopefully this incision can spur you to make the name of the Indonesian nation proud through the positive ways that are around us. #IndonesiaBisa

Flying of the Asian Games champion flag. Source: IESPA