EternaLEnvy Colored the Latest CompLexity Gaming Dota 2 Players

In recent years the compLexity Gaming team has indeed not performed well in its Dota 2 division. So it’s no wonder that compLexity arguably dismantled the entire team leaving only 2 players left.

Roster compLexity Gaming post TI6. Source: compLexity

However, the North American esports team has shown a surprise after bringing in 3 players at once. The names present were familiar, among others SneyKing, Skemberlu and EternaLEnvy.

EternaLEnvy while defending Fnatic. Source: ESL

Their presence was marked by a Twitter tweet from the official compLexity Gaming account. The presence of the tweet also complements the red and white line-up of the esports team players.

Here’s the arrangement roster Dota 2 compLexity Gaming:

  • Rolen Andre “Skemberlu” Gabriel Ong – Midlane
  • Linus “Limmp” Blomdin – Carry
  • Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu – Offlane
  • Zakari “ZfreeK” Freedman – Support / Roamer
  • Jacky “EternaLEnvy” Mao – Hard Support (Captain)
CompLexity Gaming Dota 2 line-up. Source: Wykrhm

CompLexity Gaming’s Aggressive Steps

Apart from announcing the lineups Dota 2, compLexity Gaming manager, Josh Schmidt, also talked about the team’s vision. Apart from appointing EternaLENvy as captain, Sneyking is also predicted to be a player with the qualifications the team needs.

“When making arrangements rooster, we started with Zfreek. We also pay attention to a lot of players, but only on roles which we think is important, such as the midlane position, carry and support who will be the captain.

We need players who are good at it roles and it is very difficult to find new players to fit that position. After a long chat, Zak came to us and suggested EternaLEnvy.

EternaLEnvy while defending Fnatic. Source: ESL

Jacky Mao is a proven captain with a wealth of experience and has played in the carry position. But Zak wants EternaLEnvy to play in position 5 as well as become captain, and now he is our captain, “concluded the manager.

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In addition, compLexity Gaming also brought in former VGJ.Storm players, namely Sneyking. The former VGJ.Storm player himself has formed a team without Sneyking, anywhere Universe be his replacement.

Sneyking at DOTA Summit 9. Source: BTS

Then, Sneyking has got his new home to compete in the newest DPC season. other than that Skemberlu, the only player from Southeast Asia to be a midlane player. This Filipino player has strengthened Geek Fam and TaskUs Titans.

David “Moo” Hull. Source: ESL

After releasing some of its players, such as Moo, Kyle, MoonMeander and Adam, compLexity Gaming showed quite a complicated choice. Could EterenaLEnvy’s leadership qualities lead Skemberlu to become a star player?