EternaLEnVy Fires 1437 and SVG from NP

The DOTA 2 Asia Championship has ended, and it was very surprising that Team NP, who could be said to be doing well enough in the group stage, had to be thrown at the start playoffs after their defeat to VG.J.

However, today there is news that is even more surprising, namely that two rosters from the North American team have been fired from the team. Yes, they were kicked out of the team, not out. This news first came out of 1437’s YouTube channel.

He said that he was fired from the team with SVG. But they very generously accepted it. 1437 himself says that he is currently in a very lively season to play but with the Kiev Major in sight, he will be temporarily withdrawing from competitive until the time comes.

But during that break, he will do something for Stream and the content on his YouTube channel namely draft analysis. Before the video ended, he also thanked him for the support that was always given to him.

You can watch the full video below:

Well, keep up Theeban!