Everything You Need to Know About MSC 2018!

3 July 2018, Moonton officially announced their annual official tournament for Southeast Asian countries, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang South East Asia Cup (MSC) 2018. Located at The Pallas, SCBD, Central Jakarta, Moonton invited various parties from esports activists, influencer, until the media crew to announce one of their pride tournaments.

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MSC 2017 which was held on 1-3 September 2017 then it was indeed considered a success because it was able to invite 3500 teams during the qualification period and the Grand Finals round. In addition, the competition also managed to broadcast 30 hours of live streaming matches on the official MLBB channels on YouTube and Facebook with 6.12 million viewers on YouTube, 4.6 million viewers on Facebook, and 60,000 viewers who immediately came to the event.

MSC 2018 Participants

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If in MSC 2017 there were only 5 countries that fought, this time, MSC 2018 was sponsored by Game.ly will invite representatives from 7 countries in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

As we have previously disclosed, MSC in 2018 will be held again in Indonesia with a slight change in the system for selecting participant teams. For countries that already have events Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL), such as Indonesia, Malaysia-Singapore, and the Philippines, the representative teams of these countries will be drawn from the MPL teams with achievements.

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There are 2 categories for teams that ensure their seats in the 2018 MSC event from MPL participating countries, namely Selected and Invited Team. Selected Teams are champions from MPL Season 1 in each country, namely:

Meanwhile, Invited Teams are teams capable of delivering captivating performances in the MPL Season 1 event in each country, namely:

For countries that do not have an MPL event such as Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand, the representatives of each country to participate in the MSC will be determined from the Qualifier for MSC 2018.

From Thailand, there are those who qualify IDONOTSLEEP who is also the defending champion MSC 2017! Meanwhile, from Vietnam, there is Fantasy Main who escaped and, from Myanmar, there Burmese Ghouls who has the right to compete on the grandest stage of Mobile Legends to this day.

Caya Yan, Moonton’s Country Manager for Indonesia during the press conference, he said, “Moonton wants to provide better things for gamers in Indonesia, therefore we also want to set up an office here. In the future, these MSC 2018 participating countries that do not yet have MPL will have their own professional leagues. “

In his presentation, Caya Yan also said that MSC 2018 will be a new milestone for Mobile Legends penetration to other countries around the world and other MLBB esports activities.

Avan Edvartha, COO of RevivalTV as the organizer of MSC 2018 also hopes that “MSC 2018, which is the biggest esports event in Indonesia, will be a trigger for other events and further advance the domestic esports industry.”

Caya Yan, Indonesia Country Manager from Moonton, during the presentation

MSC 2018 Tournament System

MSC 2018 will later be divided into 2 stages, namely the Group Stage and the Playoff. At the Group Stage, the 10 teams competing will be divided into 2 groups with the Round Robin (Bo1) match system. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs.

The Playoff Round will use the Single Elimination system with Bo3 for the Semi-finals and Bo5 for the last party, aka Final.

Prize Pool and Distribution

MSC 2018 Prize Pool

If last year Moonton ‘only’ gave a prize of US $ 50,000 for the first champion (IDONOTSLEEP) and US $ 25,000 for the Runner-Up (Salty Salad), this year they increased the total prize pool provided to at least US $ 100,000!

The following is the distribution of the prize distribution:

  1. Champions Qualifier
    • MSC Qualifier Thailand: USD 6,000
    • MSC Qualifier Vietnam: USD 6,000
    • MSC Qualifier Myanmar: USD 6,000
  2. Group Stage:
    • Every 1 winning point per match will get a prize of USD 1,000.
    • With a total of 20 matches, USD 20,000 will be reserved for the group stage.
  3. Grand Final
    • The first winner from MSC 2018 will be entitled to bring home a prize of USD 30,000.
    • The second winner, aka Runner Up, will get USD 15,000.
    • While the third winner will get USD 10,000.
    • And the fourth winner will get USD 5,000.
    • The total prizes given to winners 1-4 will reach USD 60,000!
  4. Personal Rewards
    • The player who gets the title Grand Finals MVP for the Grand Final round will get an additional prize of USD 1,000.
    • Meanwhile, players who managed to get the title King of KDA will also get a prize of USD 1,000.
Ryan Lynn of Game.ly during a presentation

Even more interesting, this total prize will be even bigger. The reason is, some of the proceeds from the sale of in-game items (skins, borders, etc.) in the context of the MSC 2018 special event will be added to the Prize Pool earlier.

MSC 2018 Date and Place

Finally, the Grand Final for MSC 2018 will be held at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) at the date of 27-29 July 2018. Meanwhile, the lottery draw for the participating teams will be broadcast live on the date 26 July 2018 on Facebook MLBB.

MSC 2018 matches will also be broadcast exclusively on Facebook MLBB with 3 languages, Indonesian, Thai and English.

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For more information about the qualifying winners from Vietnam and Myanmar, we will report it at a later date. Likewise with a special event that will be held by Moonton in order to enliven MSC 2018.

Did IDONOTSLEEP successfully defend the title of defending champion? Or is Indonesia finally able to bring home this prestigious trophy?