Evil Geniuses Announces PUBG Roster

After becoming one of the best-selling games right now, the Playerunknown’s Battleground game or you are more familiar with the title PUBG has succeeded in making many parties want to jump in too, not only as casual players but also players who are ready to go into competitive.

Luminosity gaming roster’s winning moment at PUBG Invitational some time ago, source: ESL

Even some of the big teams also have their competitive PUBG roster, the team owners may think that PUBG’s competitive edge will get bigger in the future, maybe that is the main reason for Evil Geniuses to make a breakthrough as well.

Evil Geniuses’ new breakthrough is recruiting a PUBG roster, the announcement appears via their official fanpage, there is also an intro video to announce PUBG players, and they are:

  • Jared “Pandaego“Fletcher
  • Cole “Gnomey“Garton
  • Timothy “GOUL“McClelland
  • Austin “zWattz“Watts

The four players were given the name “grantJokur”. In addition to displaying the shrewdness of their players in the video, the post also ensures that this roster will follow the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland PUBG tournament which will start on November 18 ~ 19.

But there is something that is quite unique about this roster, if some of you might follow the Dota 2 North America scene, you will definitely be familiar with the nickname “Pandaego”. Yup, he is one of the competitive players for Dota 2 and also a Coach, having joined the Digital Chaos team and also Team Archon. However, since the PUBG game was first released, Pandaego has started playing the game and in the end decided to jump into the competitive scene.