Evil Geniuses vs Wings Gaming, the Champion’s Duel

It seems, match Among Evil Geniuses against Wings Gaming so one of the dream finals. Many even think if match this will be in the final or at least in the final round Boston Major 2016. But unfortunately, single elimination destined them to face each other. So, what is the chance of the two teams?

Evil Geniuses itself is only in third place from group C, where they failed to be the best there after being defeated twice by compLexity Gaming. They didn’t even get to meet the top of the group, LGD Gaming and only met Faceless with a score of 2-1. Practically, with a 2x defeat by compLexity, Evil Geniuses’ weakness will certainly be a little read by Wings Gaming, which is known as a hero wearer. Evil Geniuses should be able to maximize the draft from -Cr1t, which yesterday looked very careful in choosing heroes. Io’s 5x pick from 8 games clearly shows that they are very cautious.

However, Wings Gaming itself is not without gaps. They had to pay dearly for their defeat with WG.Unity in the first game where they finally fell 2-1 and ended the group stage entrenched in the runner-up position. Yes, on decider match, they managed to avenge their defeat to WG.Unity with a score of 2-0. Typical Wings Gaming, which is slow to heat, can be a stumbling block in itself. Especially on main event which has changed to single elimination, if Wings Gaming loses concentration just a little bit, it is not impossible that the TI6 champion will be one of the teams that left early.

So, who do you think will move on to the next round? EG or Wings? RevivaL TV prediction via Benetz: Evil Geniuses 45% – Wings Gaming 55% score 1-2.

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