EVOS Clover Becomes the Main Team, or Maybe Pekochan?

The lack of one player for EVOS was unexpected. Even though they already got Antimage and Luminaire, EVOS still lacks one player. There are rumors that EVOS Clover will be the main team, and this is because Xorn cannot play for EVOS.

Initially, EVOS brought in Antimage, Luminaire, and also Xorn. But in the end only Antimage and Luminaire came. Xorn cannot play for EVOS because of a problem. For some reason, it’s not clear why Xorn isn’t playing for EVOS. There is no official statement yet.

Therefore, until now, EVOS still lacks one more member. Of course this is bad enough for EVOS. A team cannot play short of members and even if you get members, it will be quite difficult to adapt. There isn’t much time left for EVOS to create a lineup that it promises to be strong.

Here, let’s discuss what EVOS Clover said was the main team. For those who don’t know, Clover is a pro Mobile Legends player who plays on MDL. He joined the EVOS academy, the second tier of the EVOS team. Of course, Clover can be the right player to play in EVOS.

EVOS Clover Becomes the Main Team

Clover is seen to have scrimed several times with the EVOS team in the team play. Even with other new names such as for example Antimage. Even though Clover might be the one who will enter the main team, Donkey looks surprised. The reason is that many matches that occur, even if it’s just a scrim, end up losing.

But this is normal in Scrim, especially the team that just got an overhaul. When there is a new team that is still doing a scrim, losing is natural because of many factors. Examples are players who haven’t fit, strategies that have just been tried, and others. Scrim is a great method to test a player’s strength and adaptability.

If it is true that Clover will rise to the main team, EVOS will definitely benefit. Clover who already has the right feel at EVOS and also EVOS who is not bothered about contracts. This could be the first step for Clover to show his skills.

That is information about EVOS Clover being the main team. Clover who plays at AVOS Academy might be the best move for both parties. EVOS gets players quickly, Clover also has the opportunity to play in the EVOS team. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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