EVOS Esports Analysis and Opportunities for the MPL Finals by Volva, Caster MPL

After we discuss the analysis for rank 3 and 4 of the regular season final standings MPL Indonesia Season 1, that is Elite8 Critical Reborn and Bigetron Player Kill, now we will discuss the next team that is no less special who managed to stab into position 2 in the last sixth week.

This is EVOS Esports, the team that covers 2 player with a million fans, totally 1 million subscribers to JessNoLimit and “Mr Assassin Mobile Legends Indonesia, Oura.

To discuss this team more deeply, we invite again Frans “Volva” Riyando, who call themselves ‘DukunMLBB’ or as we call ‘TheRealAkai’ hahaha …

Volva. Documentation: MPL Indonesia

For Volva, EVOS Esports is the closest team to be called a “Dream Team”. 5 players from this team can be said as core player and only 1 can be called pure tanker, that is Yurino – EVOS • Donkey.

This Donkey also seems to have magical power that makes all his opponents can not ignore it even to the point that there is a saying, “there is Donkey, all of you. hit Donkey. ” Volva also couldn’t explain why all the players would get distracted when they saw Donkey passing by, what kind of odong-odong.

What’s more special, added Volva, is “sometimes Donkey can stanza 1vs5 and don’t die! ”

Image Credit: MPL Indonesia

However, not only Donkey, there are 2 best players MLBB currently under the auspices of EVOS Esports, namely Eko – EVOS • Oura and Justin – EVOS • JessNoLimit. According to Volva, 2 core player it has the opposite style of play.

JessNoLimit love farming while Oura is in love kill. Although it is not uncommon for them to switch roles. Not only role, hero pool they are also quite large, ranging from Harley to Alpha which are rarely played. They can play hero whatever, anytime and anywhere.

Sebastian – EVOS • IOS also actually can be said as core player but he is often a Fighter / Tanker who is Support or indulgent core hero. IOS is also usually in the second row at the moment war.

“Not forgetting their captain too Aprizal – EVOS • KneEr that is spelled out 1 of best Marksman Indonesia, “continued Volva. This player has command the good one, draft which is very interesting, and surprisingly he can also play as Support.

Although he usually plays as MM, KneEr can also play hero Mage like Aurora.

Last but not least, there is Renhart – EVOS • Oreo. Even the players on the EVOS Esports bench are no less special because they can play everything role and replace anyone.

Even though it is rarely played, “Oreos still have very high quality as player, said Volva.

Of the six players, according to Volva, the key to their playing is in the style of play of Oura and JessNoLimit. The reason is, these 2 players have a high GPM (Gold per Minute) networth always great team.

As for their style of play, Volva explained that EVOS used to bash 2 core player for 1 core prosperous. For example, if JessNoLimit uses Hayabusa, Oura will use hero who can contribute to the team at early to mid game so the team can war continously.

Vice versa, if Oura uses hero the one that can split-push, then Jess will go to war early and farming improvised. This is also seen in phases draft those who usually give the choice to Jess or Donkey first while the rest choose hero which can balance the composition of the team.

What about the drawbacks?

According to Volva, the team’s shortcomings can be seen if Oura dies too much because Jess and KneEr have to help him so that the game doesn’t go the way they want. However, Volva emphasized, it does not mean that Oura is the weakest player but precisely because Oura is the player playmaker from EVOS.

If playmaker-the game cannot move as desired, the game cannot be executed according to strategy.

Then what about the prediction?

Recommendations for 6 Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends according to EVOS Oura, from the hardest to the easiest

I think everyone who has participated in MPL Indonesia since the first week, most likely, has the same prediction: if EVOS Esports doesn’t win, they have a big chance to become a champion. runner-up.

For the fansOura or Jess, do you agree with Volva’s opinion and observations above?

With this article, we still have one more analysis of the team that is often predicted to be the strongest champion candidate and EVOS Esports’ tough rival in the esports arena. Mobile Legends. Who are they?