EVOS Esports Decides to Maintain Dota 2 Division Roster

The International 8 which has ended leaving several stories from each rooster who have competed. After the news of Newbee and rooster ex-VGJ.Storm, this time EVOS Esports is also not behind with formation roster Dota 2 their latest facing the 2018-2019 DPC season.

EVOS Dota 2. Source: EVOS Esports

Maybe the competitive realm Dota 2 The country had not been heard from when they saw the hectic action at The International 8, especially from the OG team. Towards the team’s future decisions, EVOS Esports has also maintained its lineup of players.


EVOS Esports, which has been active for a long time, has brought in one of the players who had become a stand-in player. The player is Whitemon, a support who is able to make changes in the body roster Dota 2 the EVOS Esports team.

EVOS Esports itself had made changes rooster which is quite massive, even requiring ilLogic to occupy a support position. Then, Whitemon who was present was ready to present the maximum potential of Bruce Ervandi in the carry position.

Whitemon EVOS Dota 2 against TNC Tigers. Source: EVOS Esports

Previously, Whitemon was successful in bringing title his first time with EVOS Esports after successfully defeating Southeast Asian giants, TNC Tigers. Even the team was able to finish the game with a score of 3-0 without reply.

However, the TNC Tigers was not strengthened by the captain, 1437 who served as a trainer for TNC Predator at TI8. However, this achievement cannot be underestimated seeing the slick game from AVILLE and friends.

Following rooster EVOS Esports division Dota 2:

  • Bruce “IlLogicErvandi – Carry
  • Usep “FACEHUGGER“Setiawan – Midlane
  • Adit “AVILLE” Rosenda – Offlane
  • Indra “Vlaicu” Main – Support
  • Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon – Support
  • Kristiawan “Lionheart” Eko – Coach
EVOS Dota 2. Source: EVOS Esports

RevivalTV also contacted Manager of Dota 2, Aldean Tegar Gemilang regarding the decision to keep Whitemon. “We believe rooster which is now very solid, and we are commit to continue up to next season together.

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Whitemon is a very talented young player. At 18 years of age, he has mechanical skill a high for 5th. And there’s a lot more to develop for Whitemon. “

Dota Evos Rooster 2
EVOS Esports Dota 2 wins Pro Dota Cup # 13. Source: EVOS Esports

Seeing the potential from rooster this, of course, is the competitive realm Dota 2 homeland will again present many surprises. This was proven by the impressive victory of EVOS Esports against the team tier 1 Southeast Asia, TNC Tigers.