EVOS Esports Officially Forms Call of Duty Mobile Team!

Call of Duty Mobile is one of games Activision which is handled by Tencent Games and also Timi Studio. Popularity Call of Duty Mobile exploded on the first day.

It hasn’t been released for 1 month Call of Duty Mobile or what is known as CoDM able to reach 100 million downloads! CoDM get enormous enthusiasm by the players in Indonesia.

Several tournaments have started to be held. Revival has also held tournaments invitational. Several esports teams have also formed teams for CoDM. One of the big esports teams, EVOS Esports, has just formed a team for Call of Dut Mobile.

Source: Instagram EVOS Esports

Through Instagram, EVOS Esports officially announced that EVOS has formed a team for the division Call of Duty Mobile.

Yes, finally EVOS Esports has jumped into the competition Call of Duty Mobile. EVOS Esports seems to be interested in CoDM because of the very rapid development.

Source: Instagram EVOS Esports

Roster from EVOS Esports Call of Duty Mobile will be filled by Legion, Strix, Kiola, Vain, and Wizz. These five players will become the core players of EVOS Esports and enliven the competition Call of Duty Mobile. These five players also have a lot of experience in a competitive arena.

EVOS Esports will also compete with other big teams to win the title. Welcome to EVOS Esports in a competitive world Call of Duty Mobile!

Editor: Yubian Asfar