Evos Officially Comes Two Players For Their Mobile Legends Division!

Evos Officially Comes Two Players For Their Mobile Legends Division! One of the best professional Mobile Legends players in Indonesia, Hafiz or who we are familiar with as Clover, has officially become a player of Evos eSports in their Mobile Legends division.

This has been officially announced by the White Tiger team’s official Instagram social media account some time ago along with another new player, the Tyrants. The joining of him and the Tyrants to Evos’s roster was not for the White Tiger MPL team but for their second team that played in the MDL event.

But it is not impossible that one day they will both be included in Evos’ main roster and play in MPL if only their performance during the Evos MDL roster is satisfying like the rising players from MDL, for example, Rasy, CW, Van Strong, and others.

Meanwhile, Clover himself is a former Aura eSports pro player who has been the backbone of the team for the past 2 seasons. But for some reason suddenly he was officially kicked out by the Aura team and did not have a team before finally officially joining Evos eSports.

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Meanwhile, the Tyrants are former players from OPI eSports whose name the team relied on at that time. Regarding this, it is hoped that the arrival of these two players can change the performance of Evos MDL next season, which in the previous season performed very badly where they did not even qualify for the playoffs at all plus the series of defeats they received with their roster at that time.

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