Ex-Na’Vi Reunion Event, Team Secret Pulls Dendi as Standin!

One of the teams Dota 2 who is famous for the figure of a captain Puppey, Team Secret has been getting a lot of attention recently. Moreover, after winning the 2018 PVP Esports Championship which was just held a few days ago in Singapore.

Source: PVP Esports

The reason is, after winning the title Team Secret announced one of the important information through his official Twitter account. Malaysian national player, MidOne decided to take a break for a while in Southeast Asia, or in his home country.

Then, in the photo, Puppey reportedly reported one of his friends. Who is his friend? Without waiting for a long time the answer was finally revealed. Yup, Puppey called Dendi, his best friend, to be a standin.


With MidOne absent, Team Secret will use the services of the Ukrainian player to play in one of the events based on line. This was confirmed via the official Team Secret Twitter account.

With this, Team Secret officially brought in two former Na’Vi players to the event Maincast Autumn Brawl. Previously, Dendi was rumored to be present as a player at Team Secret.

However, the issue was denied after Puppey officially brought in Zai and Nisha. Then, Dendi’s presence with Team Secret at least materialized with his position as a standin. Commencing 5 years after Puppey’s departure from Natus Vincere.

Source: Valve

Dendi can also be said to have ‘left’ from Na’Vi, even though he still has a contract with the team left. This is regarding the zero achievements of the Ukrainian esports team. Dendi and Puppey themselves appeared as two important figures Dota 2 in his time.

Na’Vi, who won The International 1 in 2011, is also the part of Puppey and Dendi. Do you remember the Fountain Hook incident? That was thanks to a combo from Chen and Dendi during the grand final against TongFu.

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Following roster Dota 2 Team Secret at the Autumn Brawl Maincast:

  • Michał “Nisha” Jankowski
  • Danil “Dendi” Ishutin (stand-in)
  • Ludwig “Zai” Wåhlberg
  • Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat
  • Clement “Puppey” Ivanov
Source: Valve

The Autumn Brawl maincast has been going on since October 9th. But some big names like NiP, Virtus.pro, Team Secret and Gambit Esports are waiting for the next day to secure the playoff slots.

The Maincast Autumn Brawl event bracket. Source: Maincast

In addition, Na’Vi has the potential to meet Puppey-Dendi if they are able to defeat Team Lithium. Could it be that Na’Vi’s match against Dendi will materialize? You can watch this event via the Twitch Maincast channel here.