[Exclusive Interview] Opening Up with Richard Permana, CEO of TEAMnxl>

A few days ago, the most senior esports team in Indonesia announced another new division, namely the division TEAMnxl> Dota 2. Interestingly, this team again consisted of 3 outside players and 2 local players.

The five players from the TEAMnxl> Dota 2 division are:

  • Billy “Zeke” Jay Bucala
  • Kalebh “Kalebh” Leong Kah Lok
  • Tri “Water” Azri Fadilla
  • Hasyim “Reverend” Muhammad
  • Reza “Trikku” Jhay Lacanlale

Previously, TEAMnxl> also took crazyguy to their CS: GO division, which is a player from Vietnam.

This is interesting considering that previously TEAMnxl> was known as a team that always used domestic players.

Besides that, in our interview with one of Indonesia’s shoutcasters, Wooswaa, he said that Crazyguy was out-of-date.

Plus, considering the decline in TEAMnxl> achievements over the last years, the team that once ruled the world of CS: GO Southeast Asia has won a lot of new haters (although their loyal fans are actually no less).

Richard Permana at the Grand Opening of the MSI Store. Documentation: MSI Indonesia

I also chatted with Richard “frgd[ibtJ]”Permana, who is the founder and CEO of TEAMnxl> at the Grand Opening of MSI Store at Mangga Dua Mall yesterday (8 August 2018); about their new division, crazyguy, and about haters.

Why is it just now for the Dota 2 division? Is it because of IESPL?

Documentation: TEAMnxl>

“Yes, because of IESPL (Tokopedia Battle of Friday) we also create the Dota 2 division. They will also have their first match tomorrow Friday (10 August 2018). Apart from CS: GO, now we also have various divisions such as FIFA, Hearthstone, Point Blank, League of Legends, and Mobile Legends. ” Richard replied.

IESPL Tokopedia Battle of Friday itself is one of the new esports leagues that invites Indonesia’s top esports teams for various types of games, such as Dota 2, Point Blank, Mobile Legends and others.

Why are you finally looking for foreign players?

“The problem is that there are still many Indonesian players who may have potential but are not ready or dared to go professional. There are also those that at first the outer packaging looks attractive but it turns out, when we pulled it, it was empty.

For the Dota 2 division, we initially looked for Indonesian players but it was difficult. Until finally there was an Indonesian manager who suggested pulling out an outside team that was OK to be joined by 2 local players. “

crazyguy while still in Skyred. Image Courtesy: CSGO2ASIA

What do you think about the comment from Wooswaa that said Crazyguy is out-of-date?

“When he was still in Recca, Crazyguy told me that he had difficulty communicating because his teammates used to communicate in Indonesian more often. Meanwhile, after he left Recca and was not heard from again in SEA, yes, because in Vietnam there were no serious teams.

crazyguy said, if the players were invited to practice, they didn’t want to. So yeah, maybe he’s the best at Vietnam. That’s what I know about Crazyguy, “explained Richard.

How about haters? How does Richard respond to haters?

“Haters are definitely there. Even Christiano Ronaldo has haters; especially us. But, I still think of haters as an incendiary spirit. The important thing is we just try our best. If there are haters, just enjoy and be grateful. That means they still care about us.

Haters also actually make us more grateful to other friends who still always support us even though we are below or above. “

Finally, I personally always admire this one friend of mine for his persistence in fighting; whatever the people say let alone the most true netizens. Hopefully, we can see TEAMnxl> return to its heyday!

Goodluck continue to Richard and TEAMnxl> yes!