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Competitive realm Point Blank at the international level it may not be as exciting as the others. Apart from being a MOBA that still has fanatical fans and a rising Battle Royale, CS: GO it is much better known out there ..

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However, that does not mean that the competitive arena is not active out there. In fact, one of the ‘new’ teams and the 2018 PBGC champion, PG.BarracX VNG (Vengeance) instead he managed to become fourth place in the world championship, PBWC 2018.

The VNG team won the 2018 PBGC. Source: Garena Indonesia

The winner of PBGC 2018 has become a new idol among esports lovers Point Blank Indonesia.

Able to win the throne of the main rival, RRQ.Endeavor, in fact the team succeeded in making a surprise at the event which took place at Convetion Hall Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra, Field.

RevivalTV had the opportunity to get acquainted with the team that was just acquired by esports management from Pondok Gaming. The captain of the team, Muhammad “tRust” inspiration share his story with us.

The VNG team was acquired by PG.BarracX. Source: PG.BarracX Facebook fanspage

Man with nickname The tRust shared a story about the beginning of the VNG team’s entry into PG. BarracX. “The initial interest in entering PG. CarracX was because we saw the community (gaming lodge management), it seemed really exciting.

There is a kinship, so they are not too concerned with business. And when I met Ko Yuri and Ko Johny (Owner PG.BarracX) as well as all of them welcome (with the team), “said Ilham.

Here’s the arrangement Point Blank roster team PG.BarracX VNG (Vengeance):

  • Muhammad “tRust” Ilham
  • Wiska “w1z” Cahyadi
  • Jemmy “Oscar” Oscar
  • Heryadi “declint” Prasetyo
  • Marvel “monces” Brain
pg barracx vengeance point blank
PB Division PG.BarracX (Ki-Ka: monces, declint, tRust, w1z, oscar). Source: PG.BarracX Facebook fanspage

Ilham also explained how the VNG team was formed to be able to win the 2018 PBGC in Medan in March 2018. “Before being recruited, this VNG team was already quite long (formed) from 2016, but has repeatedly changed the composition. rooster.

The five of us just joined as a team in January 2018. Previously, VNG served as representatives from Medan several times and yesterday we escaped from Palembang. And so far, they have won PBGC 2018 and PBIL 2018, ”said Ilham regarding the history of the team.

Source: Inspirational Personal Documentation

Then as a top team Point Blank Indonesia, what is the view of a captain Ilham regarding the state of the competitive realm PB in Indonesia? “For Indonesia, PB still very very competitive and also exciting.

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We qualify from thousands of teams (qualification), in contrast to other countries which only have 10 to 20 teams.

And the professional team is also very competitive. It is proven that from year to year no one has been able to defend their championship, ”explained the player nickname the tRust.

Source: Inspirational Personal Documentation

In the PBWC 2018 event itself, PG.BarracX VNG has not been able to continue the positive trend achieved by RRQ.Endeavor at the 2017 PBIC event. The team had to die after being defeated by the Brazilian representative. 2Kill Gaming in the semi-finals.

The team that defeated the Indonesian champions also proved to be the strongest after winning the 2018 PBWC event. Meanwhile PG. CarracX VNG had to lose by Plan-B Gaming in the race for third place through a score of 2-1.

2Kill Gaming Team won PBGC 2018. Source: PB Indonesia

But this does not mean that PG.BarracX retainers hope to be the best in the competitive arena Point Blank to come. “InshaAllah all competitions PB In the future, PG.BarracX will compete and fight.

With our vision and mission to be a team Point Blank and the best esports team humble and also solid. ” Added Ilham optimistically.

BOOM ID Recruit Guardian Force Forms Point Blank Division

Their presence certainly adds color to the competitive realm Point Blank Indonesia after the acquisition of the Guardian Force team by BOOM ID and the Indonesia Game Tour 2018 event which included matches Point Blank.

Success for the PG.BarracX VNG team in the next matches, huh! To know more about the team’s development, you can follow it on the following Facebook fanpage.

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