Expansion Again, SK Gaming Officially Releases Roster Rainbow Six: Siege!

Rainbow Six: Siege on the mat The Six Invitational is considered very successful as games new to the competitive scene. Success Rainbow Six: Siege able to attract the interest of other esports organizations to be able to compete to dominate the course of tournaments R6: S. in the future.


SK Gaming be one of the teams that are interested in development Rainbow Six: Siege. Sofficially, this team has announced roster line-up they are for games arable Ubisoft the.

The large number of the esports community watching, to the increase in the number of broadcasts at the tournaments being held, is one of the reasons SK Gaming invests in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege game.

The new SK Gaming players are not without experience. Before it was officially announced, they had played together under the flag FlipSid3 Tactics. With the direction of the coach from SK Gaming, this team could become a new competitor for him PENTA Sports or Evil Geniuses in a competitive arena Ranbow Six: Siege.

Following roster Rainbow Six: Siege SK Gaming team:

  • Kyle “Mint” Lander – IGL (in-game leader) / Flex
  • Owen “Pojoman” Mitura – Support / Anchor
  • Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens – Entry Fragger / Lurker
  • Adam “Adam” Ameiche – Entry Fragger / Anchor
  • Samuel “Jarvis” Jarvis – Support / Lurker
  • Alex “Ezley” Easley – Coach / Substitute
Roster Rainbow Six: Siege SK Gaming, Source: SK Gaming Website

The players core rooster this (Pojoman, Hotancold and Mint) have played together for up to 6 seasons or about 2 years in the title Rainbow Six Pro League. Then next, Adam “Adam” Ameiche joined about 3 seasons ago, meanwhile Samuel “Jarvis” Jarvis who is the newest player in the team, is present as well as completing the lineup of the first team players for the competitive event Rainbow Six: Siege.

Apart from the players, Alex “Ezley” Easley who served as team coach, is also a former professional player Rainbow Six. The presence of a coach with a wealth of experience can help players take control of the game, organize the strategy, and win upcoming tournaments.

Roster R6: S SK Gaming while still playing for Flip Sid3 Tactics, Source: ESL

Martin “MYQ” Marquardt, as SK Gaming Player Manager, conveyed the long wait for the SK team to add divisions to Rainbow Six: Siege game:

“We know that SK fans have been waiting for this for a long time, so we are very excited to announce SK Gaming’s participation in the competition. Rainbow Six: Siege and build a long partnership with Ubisoft.

We firmly believe that we have formed the arrangement rooster perfect, with the cast core who have experience playing together and they are able to strengthen SK Gaming’s relationship with the North American esports community. “

Martin “MYQ” Marquardt – SK Gaming Player Manager, Source: SK Gaming Website

With experience rooster as well as a long-standing team synergy, these North American players once had an extraordinary achievement in one Rainbow Six Pro League season by scoring 17-0.

This achievement is a success that is expected to return in the third year of the title Rainbow Six Pro League. SK Gaming division Rainbow Six: Siege will also be debuting at the title Rainbow Six Pro League which is ready to roll up to 6 months.

Edited by Jabez Elijah