Expansion, Ninjas in Pajamas Enter FIFA’s Competitive World!

Already famous for its achievements in the competitive world of FPS games, this time the Ninjas in Pajamas organization has just decided to start its fortune in competitive FIFA.

Ninjas in Pajamas has just signed players FIFA young Swedish origin, Olle “OllelitoArbin, who just won the FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage III Finals tournament for the XBOX console.

Another reason for Ninjas in Pjyamas to choose Ollelito besides having won major championships, Ollelito is also a part of the Swedish FIFA national team. Coupled with his young age, of course this opportunity cannot be missed by Ninjas in Pjyamas.

The organization stated that they were very interested in starting to enter the competitive world other than the existing PC games mainstream, once there was an opportunity to enter the world FIFA, without further ado, Ollelito was immediately signed.

Election FIFA as the first division non-pc game is also because this game is very popular in the world, even the number of players has reached millions. As a large organization, Ninjas in Pajamas is confident enough to be able to compete in it.

Responding to this contract, Ollelito of course was very happy and did not believe it. The thing that makes him very happy is that Ninjas in Pjyamas itself is an organization from Sweden which is Ollelito’s home country as well.

Source: Operation Esports

Ollelito promises to prove to the world that he is not a player who can only win by luck, and with the help of a competent organization, he has the confidence to compete.

Competitive FIFA itself is well known for the great influence of football organizations in the world, football clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, PSG, and many more. Compared to pure esports clubs, FIFA is still considered a new domain.

Ninjas in Pajamas with Ollelito is scheduled to debut at the FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage IV for the XBOX console. Apart from NiP, there are already Fnatic, Team Vitality and GamerLegion who also participated.

Editor: Yubian Asfar