Explanation of Effective Counterpick of Mobile Legends, ML Players Must Know!

Counterpick mobile legends is one of the strategies commonly used with the aim of counteracting the opponent’s strategy. Usually in a ranked draft pick, they will use certain heroes to fight certain mobile legends heroes. This time there is an explanation of the Effective Counterpick of Mobile Legends which we will discuss below.

Because there are many popular heroes like Ling and Granger, it makes you lazy to try other heroes. Compared to seeing the level of popularity and meta of a hero, it makes you reluctant to see a strategy against him. So in this case Counterpick is very important so that you can conquer the meta that you usually call this OP.

If you observe, many Mobile Lengends heroes are rarely used but actually have high potential as Counterpick like Aurora. You have to pay attention to Counterpick itself.

It’s a bit difficult to make a good counterpick because you have to be cooperative and not proactive. You have to pay attention to your opponent whether you can make the best pick for the counter team.


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It must be difficult to fight agile heroes like Ling and Fanny. Even though with the right hero you can stop enemy movements with CC. You can counter this hero with heroes who have CC such as Stun, Immobile, or knockback. That way the movement will be limited and you can conquer it easily. For other heroes like Mage with high burst damage, you can also counter him easily. Suppose you want to fight Cecilion, then you can use an assassin hero who can kill him in an instant or a hero who has Silent so that the mage can’t use his skills. Actually there is still a Counterpick for this hero like Hanzo, by using his puppet skills you can attack the Mage at a certain distance. So even though you can’t kill the mage, you can reduce the enemy’s HP and make their skills used.


With a good team you can easily counter enemies. If you have trouble fighting the Marksman Hyper Carry hero like a granger who has 2 supports.

You don’t need to kill him outright. Because Granger is guarded by 2 supports You just have to do the Split Push, the hero who fits the Split Push is the best counter. Examples of heroes who can do good split push are Hanzo, Claude, Ling, and other heroes who can scatter waves and have good escape.

That way they will be in trouble and have to guard the other lane. Then look for opportunities when Granger or other carry alone to kill him, will overwhelm the enemy team. You can also use skills that have a large range such as Pharsa, Lesley, and Valir. Even though it will be difficult to kill him, you can drain the enemy’s HP and let assassins like Gusion, Natalya, or Karina do the finishing.


To be able to counter heroes well, you also have to know Heros and know how to use these heroes. That way your Counterpick is successful. Many heroes can become your Counterpick like Minsitthar, this hero can silent skills using Dash or Teleport.

So if you fight heroes who rely on dash or teleport skills like Yi Sun Sin or Harith. Their movement skill cannot be used. That way their movement will be limited. There is also Kufra that can stop enemy movements with his ball skills, very good as a Counterpick hero.

You can also counter enemies using Stun Lock. If you fight Ling, Fanny, or other agile heroes. You can use heroes who can do Stun Lock. Heroes who can counter such as Aurora, Chou, Kaja, or Eudora, are the best choices to limit the opponent’s movements and inflict great damage. Of course timing is very important here, so it will be a little difficult to do it. Like Aurora, you must save the passive Froze for the right timing. After that, you can do burst damage by freezing it and attacking it directly. Like Aurora, she can also stun and inflict enormous damage to a single target. So if stopping the movement isn’t enough, you can do massive Burst damage, or ask for help to attack it with your team.

When you are at a counter like this it might be difficult to strike back, but if you have guessed this there are precautions as well. So if you have seen a hero with a lot of CC like this and want to avoid it, you can use an Anti CC hero like Diggie.

Diggie has a skill that can provide Anti CC for one team, so if you see a hero using the CC skill earlier you can use Diggie as a precaution. You can prevent the counter planned by the enemy.


To attack your enemy, you will definitely attack any hero who has the least blood. With the right target, you can counter the enemy well. For example, the enemy uses Miya, then those of you who use assassins like Karina, Ling, Gusion, or Natalia you have to visit often to attack Miya because he doesn’t have good escape skills. That way you can stop Miya from getting EXP and Gold.

If you are an assassin and you are targeting tanks or fighters, you are only wasting skills if you can’t kill them at all. Also, it’s very dangerous if you let the enemy Marksman shoot freely (Free Hit). So, before they can do more damage, you have to target them and kill them quickly.

That is the explanation regarding Counterpick and how to counter in Mobile Legends. This is very important because usually you use heroes based on popularity and that meta – that’s all. that way you can set a strategy, how to fight the hero used by the enemy and how to counteract their strategy.

As you know, the Mobile Legends Game is a game that relies on strategy, so that you can work together as a team.