Fahmi’s “Cornet” Story from Fun to Caster MPL Season 2!

Everyone has their own story to make their dreams come true. Including, Fahmi “Corned“Which is currently a new name on the list caster in MPL Season 2.

Her journey to becoming caster it is not easy, especially withholding netizen comments who are said to be ‘truly true’. But Kornet managed to hold back all of the babbling it could even be like now. What’s the story like?

Journey to Become a Caster

Source: Instagram Kornet

Same as gamers in general, Fahmi plays Dota 2 with his friends in college. When Mobile Legends recently released, he also played it.

But the journey becomes caster just started when he casually asked registration to be caster during the MPL Season 1 playoffs.

“At that time I went to backstage Taman Anggrek, I want to meet the committee for fun and the committee goes down. I asked how it was done caster. He said email, cellphone number, and gave examples cast MPL Season 1 match. After all, I immediately sent an email. “


Two months later, he finally got the chance to become a caster for Codashop Weekdays Tournament.

His experience is being a broadcaster on campus radio, OZ Radio Bandung, and most recently being program director in XChannel in Serang help him become caster. Even so, he admitted that his weakness at that time was not memorizing it ML items.

Source: MPL Indonesia – RevivalTV

As a result, he is believed to be caster Weekdays Tournament until the final. Even so, he said that initially he was always insulted by netizens. “The point is, if you look at me, it contains all the insults, asking for a change caster another, ngecast like a radio announcer, “he said.

At one point, he finally began to be accepted by netizens during his intro dance JessNoLimit on the Weekdays Tournament? Do not believe? We will see.

At MSC 2018, he didn’t become caster it’s as backstage host and icon at MSC 2018. It was only in MPL Season 2 that he was trusted as a new caster.

Even so, he still improved his abilities castplaying together more pro player. “Initially I played as a complement, over time it was believed that the tank continued to be mid dan pro player I often invite friends, “he said.

MPL Season 2 According to Cornet

second day recap msc 2018
Documentation: MSC 2018

According to him, all the teams that took part in MPL Season 2 gave their best and throughout the group stages had colorful stories.

“It’s really fierce to fight for the slot to the playoffs. Various stories also exist until there is drama pause and late drama came.

Various teams also showed their fangs like ONIC Esports who just came event big straight rank first and big teams like RRQ.O2 and Aerowolf defeated by ONIC.


EVOS who had entered relegation continued to improve his performance after entering bootcamp and continuous training that they are now ranked 4th and entered into upper bracket.

SFI Esports “Suddenly they can qualify while BOOM Jr. continues to decline in performance until they fail to qualify for the playoffs,” he said.

Image Courtesy: MPL Indonesia

What about the prediction of who will be the winner of MPL Season 2? “It’s tough, actually there are many teams that have the potential to become champions. RRQ.O2, has a background Dota of course it can be easy for ML and has advantages in terms of draft.

In addition there is ONIC which has advantages in terms of macro in Eiduart who is also the captain of the team. Lucky from Aerowolf Roxy also has these advantages and also has advantages leadership.

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EVOS and Louvre are also both improving in performance. But back in the playoffs anything can happen, ”he said.

Advice on Becoming a Caster

Source: Fahmoy

According to Kornet, the only advice is never to stop learning. “Try starting to read item active equals passive.

Everyone has their own characteristics, for example Volva, he was very diligent in learning about the game, about pro sceneher, a good manner of speaking. Even though he is only tier Epic but he excels at analysis gameplay.

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Anything else is typical caster those who are lazy to read, but because they often play and practice they already understand because they have been directly involved.


For example me, often play together pro player there is also a benefit because indirectly you also learn tricks from the hero or items, gameplay and what is stronger in META now, “he said.

So, that was a glimpse of Cornet becoming caster MPL Season 2. For those of you who want to meet him in person, you can watch him at the JX International Convention Exhibition on 17-18 November 2018.

Be a witness to the MPL Season 2 champion in Surabaya, don’t forget to come because there will be lots of interesting events and prizes!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda