Failed to take revenge, OG returned to defeat against Invictus Gaming

One of the long-awaited matches during the big tournament was the Rematch Grand Final and it happened on the first day of the Groupstage Kiev Major.

The meeting again for the 2017 DAC Grand Finalist, namely OG against Invictus Gaming which was running in the best of 3 format, was again won by Invictus Gaming.

An extraordinary performance from Invictus Gaming which managed to beat OG back with a landslide score of 2-0 and even ended his second game by bringing back the legend of Anti Mage – BurNIng.


1000 GPM seemed easy enough for BurNIng to achieve at the time. With this victory, Invictus Gaming will advance to High Seed while OG is in Mid Seed.


Plus thanks to this win, iG is ranked No.1 in the world version of Gosugamers

iG will fight again today at 16:30 WIB against Team Secret who also managed to get a 4-0 absolute victory, it looks like this will be a super exciting match.

You can watch it live on the official Kiev Major channel at (