Famous Football Players Invest in E-Sports Clubs!

Who doesn’t know this Brazilian footballer? He won the World Cup 2 times and also won the Baloon d’Or twice. He is Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, not only an achievement during a brilliant player but after retirement, he became a poker player. Currently, he is also a sports club investor. One of them is e-Sport by buying CNB e-Sports, a club from Brazil.

In addition there are poker players André Akkari, and Igor “Federal“Trafane, the executive director of the Brazilian Series of Poker who together with Ronaldo bought a 50% stake in CNB e-Sports. Whereas Cleber “Fuzi“Fonseca and Carlos”Fury“As the founder of CNB e-Sports holds the rest.

Ronaldo’s interest in e-Sports when he saw the mushrooming growth of e-Sports in Brazil. As a former player, he sees e-Sports as having similarities with football and poker, especially when the audience is watching the match.

CNB e-Sports is a Brazilian e-Sports club that was founded in 2001 and has a team in the League of Legends. Previously they had a CS: GO team which unfortunately last year declared the disbandment of the squad. It is hoped that the presence of new investors can bring new enthusiasm for the future development of CNB e-Sports.

Ronaldo’s presence in entering e-Sports certainly further proves that e-Sports has an attractive appeal for everyone. With more advanced developments and more and more fans, it is hoped that more and more people will invest in the world of e-Sports.