Fanny Oura Unstoppable Saints Indo 2 Lose 2-

The second day of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) was exciting and quite short. On this second day, which took place on January 14 2018, brought together 6 teams divided into 3 match with the system best of two (BO 2). This match brings together EVOS eSports against Pandora eSports, Rev Indo against Saints Indo 2, and ends with Bigetron Player Kill against Domino’s Hunters.

Pandora eSports vs EVOS eSports

In the first game Oura gets hero signatureFanny, using Oura’s fanny, managed to put pressure on the team Pandora eSports. Apart from Fanny from Oura, one thing to watch out for is JessNoLimit who uses Hayabusa. This is because until the end of the game networth of the Hayabusa used by JessNoLimit has the highest networth of up to 11K (and nearly 12K) in a fairly short time.

Several times did dive turret, team EVOS eSports always gave good results, even though Oura did it once dive then die. Although turret first obtained by Pandora eSports which is in the toplane but it does not give a small advantage. By making use of God, EVOS eSports can win in the first game.

Not much different from the first game, in the second game fanny was again used by EVOS eSports and re-used by Oura. The same strategy is used by EVOS eSports that is, always play aggressively at the start of the match, make the team Pandora eSports depressed and always play it safe. This can be used by the team EVOS eSports to do farming and push.

Do not escape from dive which Fanny did again Pandora eSports more depressed. JessNoLimit which is Top Global back show back skill owned by using a Harley. He can be top networth for the second time. Indeed skill from Top Global this cannot be doubted. On a match between EVOS eSports against Pandora eSports there are 2 player who did not experience death even once, namely from the team EVOS eSports JessNoLimit and IOS.

With score 2-0 EVOS eSports is second in the standings with the same points as Elite 8 Critical Reborn, it’s a shame for the team Pandora eSports they have to settle for being in the last position in the standings after being defeated by Elite 8 Critical Reborn and Evos eSports.

Saints Indo 2 vs REV Indo

Saints Indo 2 is the team that is seeded on match this time, Saints Indo 2 is a team that the players are familiar with Mobile Legends, however REV Indo managed to surprise her match this. REV Indo succeeded in conquering Saints Indo 2 with score 2-0.

In the first game the combo was carried out by REV Indo By using Chou and Aurora to yield very good results, Saber became the main target of REV Indo. Saints Indo 2 also experienced difficulties in this regard farming. By holding farming, REV Indo can play more aggressively.

REV Indo get three turret tier 1 in the sixth minute, followed by three turret tier 2 at 2 minute intervals. By making use of God, REV Indo can do push so it can win games first. In the first game, Saints Indo 2 cannot hit the turret REV Indo. Until the end of the game, the turret is owned by REV Indo have full HP.

Chou was again used by REV Indo in the second game. This again produced good results for the team. Several times Saints Indo 2 To do pick off but always failed even several times pick off it has a bad impact on Saints Indo 2.

At the beginning of the game, a unique strategy is shown by REV Indo. Zilong which is used as carry main get level 4 which is pretty fast because Zilong did farming in jungle first. And the unique, creep in lane pulled by Chou so that Zilong didn’t miss a thing wave creep.

Pick off what Chou did was very unique because he pushed Hilda who was one of the hardest heroes to tower one and wasback up by the saber who delivers ultimate on Hilda to make Hilda successfully killed in the early minutes. In this match Yo[R] can’t be killed even by Saints Indo 2.

Bigetron Player Kill vs Domino’s Hunter

On last match this, Bigetron Player Kill returned to show their best performance after holding the draw Rex Regum Qeon.O² at Week 1, Day 1. Now Bigetron Player Kill managed to win match with score 2-0 over Domino’s Hunter.

Bigetron Player Kill returns to using Estes, Grock, Hayabusa, and Zhask. On match Among Bigetron Player Kill vs. Rex Regum Qeon.O², draft which is used almost the same but has a slight difference, namely Yi Shun-shi was replaced by Bruno. The results were amazing. Domino’s Hunters have to swallow defeat very quickly. Strategy pushing solo by Hayabusa is so effective that it puts pressure on the opponent and space for the team.

On games the second looks back combo from Aurora and Chou, combo These appear to be very effective in doing lock on Lancelot. Miya for the second time appearing in this MPL, Miya was previously used by Rex Regum Qeon.O² used by Tuturu. Bigetron Player Kill does not use his second tire rations for games Second, maybe you are running out of time or simply not doing the ban on purpose?

On games this is Miya used by R ect can be carry for the team. Miya got space so it can do free farming. While the carry from the team Domino’s Hunter that is, Lancelot really can’t do farming being bothered by combo from Aurora and Chou.

There he is highlights of three match on the second day MPL with every game ends with score 2-0. Watch the continuation of MPL every Saturday and Sunday.

Edited by Jabez Elijah