FATA- will play again with Team Germany at WESG

FATA is one of the players who play alongside Team Liquid, having previously announced a break from the competitive scene. But it looks like he has to postpone his break to accompany his fellow countrymen in the WESG tournament.

WESG is a tournament organized by Aliesports whose prizepool is quite surprising, around $ 1,500,000 will be contested by the participating teams, but maybe because it is still a qualifier round so they have not announced exactly when the Main Event will be held.

Meanwhile FATA- together with Qupe, qojqva, KheZu, and Kuroky played roster in Team Germany. They just started competing today in the Germany – WESG Qualifier Round.

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Team Germany still has a long way to go to get the Main Event slot. Well Goodluck for FATA, Goodluck Team Germany (y)