FaZe Clan Beat Immortals and Get First Final Slot at IEM Katowice 2017

FaZe Clan claimed first spot in the Grand Final of IEM Katowice CS: GO with a quick win against Immortals.

After only having very limited time to train alongside new signing Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, they have done very well, and have dominated the tournament so far.

Immortals tried to give a surprise by taking the Inferno map, where Inferno is the new map added in the patch and then into the competitive map pool, but FaZe is not at all deterred. The Brazilians tried to put up a fight, but FaZe managed to take the first 7 rounds. Immortals managed to provide resistance in the next few rounds, but they only managed to get a score of 6: 9 for FaZe in the first half where Immortals played alongside terrorists.

However, in the second half FaZe did not provide a chance for Immortals, and managed to win the last 7 rounds in the second half.

The second game, both teams played in the mirage map, and this was a map pick from FaZe, but Immortals managed to dominate the early game. This time Immortals managed to lead the game in the first half and in the end FaZe managed to turn things around in the second half with a 16:10 win.

Even though they had very little time to prepare with their new players, NiKo showed their quality in this series and gave their best performance. The Bosnian Star managed to get kills with more than 100 average damage per round, as well as being decisive in several important moments for his team’s victory.

Source: https://dotesports.com/counter-strike/faze-clan-immortals-katowice-final-5015