Female Esports League Holds AoV Tournament for Women in Southeast Asia

After successfully holding the tournament Mobile Legends and also Dota 2 specifically for women, now the Female Esports League will hold a tournament Arena of Valor.

Female Esports League is organizer who hold tournaments as well event for a dedicated community of female gamers. Organizer This allows female gamers to show their talents in a competitive arena.

Through a post on Facebook for Garena AoV Indonesia, the FSL Circuit AoV will be held in the near future.

The tournament will be participated by 6 Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The qualification round of the AoV FSL Circuit has only been running for the Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines (MSP) region where the registration stage has been open from 17 June to 5 July 2019.

There are 2 categories of registration, namely solo and the team on this MSP line, where if sign up solo still allowed to register in the team category after being paired with a fellow player solo.

Even though it is on the same server as MSP, Indonesia has its own qualification path, namely the FSL National Qualifier. Until now, there is no information regarding the qualifying round for Indonesia from Garena.

FSL Circuit AoV 2019
Source: Garena

However, for Indonesia, it is not certain whether there will be 2 categories the same as MSP or if there will only be a team category.

Later, each team that wins the FSL National Qualifier will represent their country and compete in the Singapore FSL Elite on September 5-6 2019.

So, for the ladies AoV in Indonesia, let’s register your team and fight to make Indonesia proud in the international arena AoV!