” Fenix ​​” Became MVP in Team Liquid NA LCS summer 2016 week 3

, Team Liquid’s mid lane became the MVP at NA LCS Summer 2016 week 3.
Team Liquid won the top 3 wins PI and NRG.

nrg2 NA LCS Summer week 3 which took place Sunday, June 20, 2016.
Team Liquid grabbed a sweet win with game 2-1 over NRG
and 2-0 over P1.

Fenix, dominating the mid lane and bringing his team to victory against P1 to use Azir
with KDA 5/0/7 and 2/0/8 KDA in game 2.

Team Liquid also won the title against NRG with a score of 2-1. Fenix ​​again dominates in the Mid lane. When dealing with NRG GBM , Fenix use Vladimir 2 games with KDA 6/0/3 in the first game and 5/1/6 KDA in the second game.

na On this 2 winnings Team Liquid moved up to rank 5 in the provisional standings NA LCS Summer 2016 which was previously occupied CLG and APEX.