Fierce Final Results Bring RRQ Hoshi to Win MPL ID Season 5!

The MPL ID Season 5 performance is even more exciting with the presence of classy teams in the Mobile Legends division. This result is inseparable from the franchise system introduced by Moonton Indonesia which is also the first in the realm of Indonesian esports.

The franchise system itself requires the team to pour out a certain amount of money to secure it return promised by the organizer. This is similar to the Overwatch League as well as the LoL Regional League from Riot Games. The presence of the Mobile Legends teams at the MPL ID Season 5 event from Indonesia is quite classy, ​​such as:

  1. ONIC Esports
  2. Bigetron Esports
  3. EVOS Esports
  4. RRQ Hoshi
  5. Genflix Aerowolf
  6. Geek Fam
  7. Aura Esports
  8. Alter Ego
Source: MPL Indonesia

Yup, Rex Regum Qeon Hoshi won thanks to the fierce results at the MPL ID Season 5 Playoffs which was held in an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This result makes each competing team obliged to be present in front of the live audience.

The result of the opening match was quite fast, it only took 13 minutes with a big difference in gold for RRQ Hoshi. LJ and his friends packed a total of 13 kills and were able to bury EVOS’s hopes in the first match.

Moving on to the next match, RRQ now has to acknowledge the superiority of EVOS. Choice of heroes early game RRQ’s fleet failed to be maximized when EVOS Esports’ defensive strategy proved to be more effective. Boomerang for RRQ occurred in EVOS’s beautiful comeback moment with Wann’s beautiful performance.

Grand Final of MPL ID Season 5.
Source: RevivalTV

Wann’s triple kill brought a wild push down the middle of the lane and managed to equalize 1-1 for both teams. Not long ago, the third match was able to belong to RRQ with Xin’s super aggressive play. Learning from his mistakes, RRQ Hoshi was able to handle the defensive strategy adopted by EVOS and ended with a perfect victory.

It will not be a final without a fight because EVOS Esports is able to extend its breath in the Grand Final of MPL ID Season 5 with a score of 2-2 thanks to Bajan and Wann’s neat play.

With this result, RRQ Hoshi is entitled to get the largest portion of prizepool MPL ID Season 5 of 4.5 billion Rupiah.

Portrait of RRQ Hoshi’s victory in MPL ID Season 5.
Source: Rex Regum Qeon

This victory also made RRQ Hoshi the first team to win two Indonesian MPL titles, namely in Season 2 and 5. These results also made two teams, namely RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Esports advance to the MSC 2020 and M2 World Championship which will take place for the players. champion in each region.

Can RRQ surpass EVOS’s success with two titles at M2 World? Or, will EVOS Esports defend the title at the M1 Worlds event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2019?