Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat System details

At the E3 2019 event, Square Enix has announced the release date and trailer of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Edition which has been frequently discussed some time ago.

After being announced at E3 2015, Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally showed the trailer her first time after disappearing from the community for a while.

Not wanting to be outdone by Cyberpunk 2077, which gives huge hype thanks to the presence of Keanu Reeves as one of the NPCs that will appear in the game, Squere Enix promises that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will get an increase in graphic quality, character design to combat system which will be much better than the previous version.

About combat system new one, on press conferenceyesterday, Square Enix stated that combat system which will be delivered by Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be very different from the previous version.

As senior product marketing manager Neal Pabon explained that they will focus on mix real-time combat system which is in Final Fantasy 15, but they will also not forget some important parts of the previous version of Final Fantasy 7 which will be adapted in this version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Edition itself will be released on March 3, 2020 on the PS4 console. Interested in buying it ?.