First Look of the Skin Concept in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Competition system Call of Duty will switch to league based franchise in 2020. Of course, Activision fully supports this professional competition with Modern Warfare itself.

One of the top designers showed how a gun with a camo would look like for a recent release.

With a few announcements regarding this soon to be released game, a creator has made a camo weapon skin for esports CoD Modern Warfare.

Inaugurated on October 20, franchise Envy revealed branding The Dallas Empire is blue and gold with a logo that pays homage to the parent organization.

Just one day later in yesterday’s October 21 post, content creator ‘vLionMan’ features the first look at the camo weapon design for franchise recently announced.

Modern Warfare
Images: Twitter @vLionMan

The unique design covers every aspect of the weapon in focus, from scope gold to the team name written on the gun handle.

Known for its Call of Duty World League, this isn’t the first time the designer has created a gun camo in Call of Duty. He confirmed that many additional weapon designs will be coming in the near future as more brands will be revealed.

“I will make a better camo according to the meta when things are clear,” he said. With franchise based in New York and Los Angeles recently launched branding each of them, it’s only a matter of time until each and every branding is fully formalized.

Finally, we saw the official esports weapon skin in the Call of Duty game is the Sledgehammer Games’ WWII skin. That describes Branding Powerhouses like OpTic Gaming and eUnited, and fans can wear camos from their favorite teams on all weapons.

Will Infinity Ward return the weapon skins that existed in the esports-centric Modern Warfare 2019? We can confirm it when everything is officially announced.

Editor: Yubian Asfar