Fist of the North Star will visit smartphone games in the near future

In 2019, quite a lot of Android games will be released soon where they take the most popular series for the game, such as Sengoku Basara, which will be released in the near future. You can read it directly here for more information regarding the Mobile version of Sengoku Basara.

Well, recently a shocking news emerged from Sega’s side. They announced the latest game for the Smartphone platform taken from the Anime series Fist of the North Star.

Well, this anime was quite popular in its time, especially for those of you who were born from the 90s, you must have watched this cool anime.

For the game itself, they gave the title Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE and are currently entering the stage for Closed Beta for iOS and Android users.

There is no more information regarding this game, it’s just that they say that later the game Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE will provide a different sensation of experience than others, they describe it with “Re-experience experience.”

Even though this game is still in the development stage, you can immediately fill out some of the forms on the official website from now until June 6. For iOS users, you can go directly here and Android here.

Later, for those of you who have filled out the form, you will be given the opportunity to taste the Closed Beta Testing on June 12 to June 21. Interested in trying?

Source: Siliconera