fLx Back to TEAM Roster nxl>

After losing Kevin “maRkJonathan from their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster, TEAM nxl> recently announced his successor, namely Felix “fLx“Santoso. Previously, he had played in the team, but after TEAM nxl> overhauled their roster, fLx only became Official Streamer and Substitute. (Also Read: Roster Overhaul at TEAM nxl>).

Image Courtesy: teamnxl.com

Finally, fLx was announced to have returned to the TEAM nxl> roster and filled the empty slot after the team lost one of its players. (Also Read: TEAM nxl> Losing Players Again). fLx played as a Substitute for the Diablo Zowie Tournament, where his team won 3rd place. With that, TEAM nxl> decided to return it to their team’s main roster.

Following is William’s statement “tova“Tjahyadi, CBO TEAM nxl>:

Felix “fLx” Santoso is a proven player, because he is one of the players who has represented Indonesia in the CS: GO competition in Serbia some time ago. With the return of fLx to our main team, it is hoped that fLx can accelerate the process of integrating the game with the current TEAMnxl game pattern. Welcome back, brother Felix!

And also the statement from fLx itself:

fLx is back! Get ready other teams, because fLx will be back in the world of martial arts !! For TEAMnxl>, thank you of course for giving it a second chance. I will issue the ultimate moves to prove that fLx is still the best!

With this, the roster for TEAM nxl> Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division is: