Fnatic Becomes the Second Team to Leave TI7

Successfully achieving or getting The International 2017 slot is indeed a matter of pride, but it is a little different from the team that has attended this prestigious event quite often. Especially for the Fnatic team, which is quite frequent at Valve events or tournaments. Too bad they looked under-performing this time, Fnatic failed to get enough points to advance to the next round and were automatically knocked out of TI7.

Fnatic’s performance has indeed started to look less good since the first day of the groupstage, where out of a total of 3 matches or 6 games they did not manage to get a win at all, and until the third day of a total of 14 games they only got 2 wins.

source, wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2

It’s not that different from Infamous who is above them. However, the results of day 4 have determined their position, Fnatic, who is faced with a strong opponent, Evil Geniuses, must acknowledge his opponent’s ability and lose by a score of 2-0, while Infamous managed to perform well and beat iG.Vitality with a score of 2-0.

With these points, Fnatic became the second team to leave TI7 after the Hellraisers who also failed to get enough points in Group B.