Following are the Team + Roster who have passed the Open Qualifier – Kiev Major

Open Qualifier # 1 and # 2 have just ended, especially for those who took part in the first Open Qualifier but failed, and finally succeeded in Open Qualifier 2, which is certainly quite a force for them.

The following are the Teams and Roster who have passed the First and Second Open Qualifier, we start from the region

North America:

  • compLexity Gaming (Moo, 747, monkeys-forever, Zfreek) OQ # 1
  • Wheel Whreck While Whistlings (KvH, Ifrit, thetoo, Layla, DurpDurp) OQ # 1
  • is GG (QO, Jeyo, Stan King, Mad, FrancisLee) OQ # 2
  • Fire (TC, WhiteBeard, FLUFFNSTUFF, brink, Brax) OQ # 2

South America:

  • Union Gaming (Akashi, Stanl, Mac, Aczino, VoN) # OQ1
  • Team Unknown (TyR, Genkay, Matthew, burrito, Jeimari) # OQ1
  • Mad Kings (Madara, Atun, Jericho, Darky, Kaze) # OQ1 * not Madara Ad Finem
  • Vultur (Fullback, Papita, Algodonchin, Dulcemania, Wij) # OQ1
  • Infamous (Benjaz, Greedy, Mandy, Wu, Accel) # OQ2
  • Not Today (LeoStyle-, Kotaro Hayama, Kingteka, StringeR, Masoku) # OQ2
  • Sacola de Lixo (Therence, Cys, waitandbleed, Lil kin6, 444) # OQ2
  • Luccini (Brats, 16 anitos, GianDK, MyDemons, ZndeRlz) # OQ2


  • Prodota Gaming (Garter, MiCKe, chshrct, iNsania, ComeWithMe) # OQ1
  • Bean Boys (SingSing, canceL ^^, SexyBamboe, Buugi, Seleri) # OQ2


  • Double Dimension (Crystallize, UnderShock, nongrata, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Женя) # OQ1
  • Hive (Daxak, Pikachu, orb1t, Fervian, Sm1Ley) # OQ2

China :

  • Vici Gaming (END, Ori, Yang, Hym, ddc) # OQ1
  • Team Max (Fonte, yChen, Chalice, hy, XXSJ) # OQ2

Southeast Asia:

  • Team Bazaar (Ahjit, NaNa, Ben, Ahfu, xNova-) # OQ1
  • Bazaar.Youth (xiaNG-, CHYuan, Wenn, wL-, yanG) # OQ2

A total of 20 teams above have the right to advance to the Main Qualifier and will fight other teams in their respective regions that have previously received an invite. Main Qualifiers for several regions have started today and will end on March 13, 2017.

You can see their schedule here:

Especially for the SEA region where Rex Regum Qeon, which is the only representative from Indonesia, will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel RevivaL TV.