For the second time, NiP Dota 2 Division Disbanded!

After previously we received good news due to the return of Ninja In Pajamas (NiP) to the Dota 2 scene, but unfortunately after playing for almost 6 months, this roster did not manage to win a single tournament, even they couldn’t win 3rd place.

This seems to be the main reason for the disbandment of their Dota 2 roster, through the NiP website they also mention that they will return to focus on the CS division: GO, League of Legends and Overwatch.

But if you look at NiP’s performance after returning to the Dota 2 scene, it is actually not that bad, you can see from the statistics of the last few games they managed to beat teams like Mousesports and Team Empire.

Even Era as one of the players on the roster also still looks quite confident in their current performance. Even though they will not compete under the NiP banner again, they will still play together and want to prove that NiP’s decision to let them go was a fatal mistake.

Roster Dota 2 NiP before disbanding:

  • Adrian ‘Era‘Kryeziu
  • Max ‘qojqva‘Broecker
  • Kalle ‘Trixi‘Saarinen
  • Aydin ‘iNsania‘Sarkohi
  • Kai ‘H4nni‘Hanbückers