Forev Confirmation B) ears Disbanded | RevivaLTV

Previously rumors had circulated about the roster B) ears who are not together anymore, then 343 who suddenly announced himself to be Standing for Mineski. This becomes even clearer, when Forev answer one of the viewer questions in the stream.

Apart from that there were other rumors, MSS as one of the players from Team NP, via his stream reportedly said FATA- will join the Team NP. Although it’s still a rumor, if it’s true then it’s a possibility EternaLEnVy will be a carry back, then Aui_2000 back to support to let FATA- fill the mid position.

Roster B) ears which is dissolved:

  • Feero (Feras Hroob)
  • FATA- (Adrian Trinks)
  • Forev (Lee Sang-don)
  • YapzOr (Yazied Jaradat)
  • 343 (Adam Erwann Shah bin Akhtar Hussein)

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