FORG1VEN officially wears the Schalke 04 jersey for the 2020 season

Esports athlete name League of Legends Greek origin Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN‚ÄúTzortziou may not shine brightly given the names of other ADCs such as Zven, Perkz, Sneaky, and others, but when compared to the three players, FORG1VEN is like the sky and the three players are earth.

FORG1VEN is an ADC who was touted as the best player in this position in the history of esports League of Legends, he played aggressively but was equipped with individual abilities that were unbeatable in his time before going down the stage to undergo compulsory military service in Greece for approximately 9 months.

source: Dot Esports

Now he has returned from his country duties, and is more than ready to take on the odds again on the competitive front League of Legends in the 2020 season. A few days ago he was rumored to be playing in the uniform of the European team, Schalke 04.

The rumors turned out to be true, after the departure of the ADC team Elias “Upset“Lipp to Origen, Schalke 04 must immediately find a player to fill the void, FORG1VEN became their choice with an announcement published by the team some time ago via Twitter.


FORG1VEN actually finished his country’s service in April 2019, but he prefers to prepare and look for a team in the offseason to face the 2020 season.

Complementing an unmatched aggressive style of play and individual ability, FORG1VEN is also known for being an aggressive player in attitude, having received a ban several years ago for displaying an attitude. toxic and negative. Has military service changed his attitude for the better than before?