Former Virtus Pro Star, TaZ Officially Joins Team Kinguin fans division CS: GO may be confused between having to be sad or happy. The reason is, former players CS: GO, TaZ have officially joined the division CS: GO Team Kinguin for the ESEA Mountain Dew League. In that sense, the momentum to return to seemed impossible.

Player with full name Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas this will play for Team Kinguin, at least for the tournament ESEA Mountain Dew League Season 26 which is rolling this month.

In addition to TaZ’s arrival to the team with the penguin logo, this team also had to release two former players Portugal, They are, Ricardo “Fox” Pacheco and Christopher “MUTiRiS” Fernandes from rooster team, at the same time marking the return of the line-up full Polish roster for Team Kinguin.

Following line-up official rooster Team Kinguin division CS: GO:

  • Karol “Rallen” Rodowicz
  • Mikołaj “Mouz” Karolewski
  • Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas
  • Paweł “Reatz” Jańczak
  • Jacek MINISE Jeziak
Announcement of Team Kinguin roster change, Source: Team Kinguin Website

A month ago, Kinguin Player, Michal “MICHU” Müller replace TaZ’s position in the team CS: GO Poland most successful in history, The VP team itself experienced deep poor results scene their competitive edge in 2017.

At its peak, TaZ had to be replaced for the disappointing results of at the event ELEAGUE: Boston Major 2018 with a crushing defeat of 3 matches in a row against the team Quantum Bellator Fire, fnatic and the major champion, Cloud9.

TaZ and MICHU, Source: Dexerto, despite the division Dota 2 he’s been brilliant lately, division CS: GO they have not produced any championships so far since their elimination on the title IEM Katowice 2018 and StarLadder i-League Season 4. Team Kinguin also appointed their new signing, TaZ, as team captain for the Mountain Dew League title.

Team Kinguin CS: GO will compete at MDL on this Thursday (15/3/2018) against the team aAa by Invictus and Alza eXtatus, by occupying the bottom standings while. For more information about their match schedule, you can check the MDL official website.

Edited by Jabez Elijah