Fortnite World Cup Champion Solo, Bugha Starts Media Tour at The Tonight Show

Prior to the Fortnite World Cup tournament, Kyle’s name “Bugha“Giersdorf in the world.” gaming only limited to a small player, he is not able to match the names of players such as Tfue, Ninja, Myth, and other players who are struggling in the branch Fortnite.

But everything changed when he showed the world that the young man born in the United States won the championship Fortnite most prestigious this year and took home US $ 3 million and the inaugural Fortnite World Cup Solo trophy.

source: New York Times

After the victory, his name immediately shot up in the list of 10 players with the most income. Apart from taking tenth place, Bugha also made history as a non-player.Dota 2 who carved his name in the rankings.

Still not enough, this young man is also starting to get attention from the media considering the large number of prizes he earned even though he is still under 18 years of age. Less than 24 hours since his victory in New York, he has been filling the Jimmy Fallon show on The Tonight Show.

In the event, Bugha and Jimmy Fallon discussed various things such as daily life, the origin of the name Bugha, and his history as a player. Fortnite world class.

The 16-year-old youth revealed that he practiced every day for a long period of time, even on weekends he still practiced even though he had to start training later than usual.

source: IGN

He also told the origin of the name Bugha, the name was taken from the nickname given by his grandfather who always said “Bugha Bugha Bugha” and it would make little Kyle laugh.

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His appearance is deep The Tonight Show is just the beginning, he will return to fill other TV shows that is The Today Show on July 30, United States time.

Currently Bugha’s media tour is still in its infancy, who knows where he will guest star and what kind of impact it will have on the young man’s life.

Editor: Yubian Asfar