Freakazoid Officially Joins Ghost Gaming!

On Saturday (19/1), the United States esports organization, Ghost Gaming officially announced that Ryan “Freakazoid” Century will be their fifth player.

This announcement was first made known through the organization’s Twitter social media with the G logo.

The former Cloud9 player will replace Yassine “Subroza“Taoufik who has served in this team for 10 months. It is not known the reason for the departure of this Canadian-Moroccan player.

Freakazoid will leave his old team, Swole Patrol. Previously, he had hinted that he would leave the team after his younger brother, Austin “Cooper-“Abadir moved to the team eUnited.

Coupled with Jordan “Zellsis“Montemurro is now part of the team Cloud9.

Freakazoid’s best achievement with Swole Patrol is not that bright, but still good enough for a new team.

They made it into the 2018 EPICENTER playoffs, and had to give up in 7th place.

freakazoid ghost gaming csgo
Freakazoid will be playing under the banner of Ghost Gaming from now on. Source: HLTV

The name Freakazoid is quite legendary in the realm CS: GO North America. The player who was born in 92 has been playing professionally since 2010 under the team Area 51 which at that time was still using the version CS: S.

When transitioning to version CS: GO, he did not immediately step into the professional realm. He plays with small teams. Until finally he joined Cloud9 in 2015.

The journey was continued with small teams such as Echo Fox, Lightning muffins, and the last is Swole Patrol.

Freakazoid Ghost Gaming CSGO
Ryan Abadir while on the Cloud9 team. Source: HLTV

When he was under the auspices of America’s best team at that time, Cloud9, he scored several victories together, such as iBUYPOWER Cup Season 1, RGN Pro Series, and iBUYPOWER Invitational 2016.

He can win many trophies in a short time at Cloud9, which is 1 year.

His arrival at Ghost Gaming is certainly expected to bring a new atmosphere to him rooster this is after their defeat in EPL Season 8 and must accept a 7-8 position.

The team currently occupies the 20th position in ranking The world of HLTV has a fairly solid lineup of tournaments for the next 4 months.

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Let’s wish Ghost Gaming all the best in the future. Can they give another surprise in the event that they participate in?

Do they deserve to be the 3rd best team in North America? Let’s see them in action at the upcoming event!

With this change, then rooster of current Ghost Gaming are as follows:

  • Matthew “WARDELL“Yu
  • Joshua “steel“Nissan
  • Jason “neptune“Tran
  • Kenneth “koostaSuen
  • Ryan “freakazoid“Century
  • James “JamezIRL“Macaulay (Coach)

Editor: Yubian A. Huda