Free Fire (FF) Blank Spaces Have a Risk of Being Banned, Be Careful!

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about blank spaces in Free Fire (FF) which has made many players curious about how this happened.

Player Free Fire (FF) the majority are young people who are still very active and creative, of course things like this make them curious.

There are so many ideas that they can come up with in the game, from the aspect of the game to the name. Not a few of them have very good and cool nicknames, because of the unique design.

In Free Fire, you can edit your name with some really unique fonts from outside the game, and can even add cool symbols to your name.

But have you ever seen a FF player who doesn’t have a name but can roam Bermuda and can play?

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Dangerous FF Blanks, Be Careful!

Yes, they use the space technique to be able to make their names empty, which is where players usually prefer to use unique and interesting names.

You can use this blank name easily, just by changing the name where needed 390 diamond, then fill in a space without words.

As a result, you don’t have a name at all in the Free Fire Game, making your character don’t have a nickname above them.

Why is it dangerous to use white space? Because the majority of user names are blank spaces cheater, which is where they don’t want their account to be banned so they don’t show their name.

It could be that when other players see you using blank space names, they can do so report to your account to Garena, and as a result there is the possibility of getting banned.

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We know that Garena is starting to improve their system in terms of security, so to reduce the chance of getting banned, it is advisable not to use blank space names yes Spinners!

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